We have now seen Women’s Rights Declarations from women in all the major parties.

SNP women's pledge logoHere they are in the order they appeared (I think). They differ a fair bit, and a person may not agree with everything that’s in all of them (I don’t) but it’s a clear confirmation that there’s an issue here that needs addressing. There is Labour women's declaration logothough, one thing which I believe is unique to one party – can you spot it…?

SNP Women’s Pledge

Labour Women’s Declaration

Green Feminists Women and Girls Declaration

Lib dem grassroots challenge logoLib Dem’s Grassroots Challenge to Policy on women’s Sex Based Rights

Petition Women’s Equality Party to protect sex-based rights

Green women's plege logo

Conservative Women’s Pledge

The Unique thing

The Labour Party manifesto pledges to uphold, and to look into the proper implementation of, women’s sex-based rights and also states its intention to improve the situation for trans people – hooray! Socialism’s beginning to work!

Conservaitve women's logoThe long haul

It’s a difficult issue this one – and however much people try to claim it’s a party-political, or a left-right issue, or a young-old issue, I see all kinds of people troubled by it, for all kinds of reasons. How do you make things right for trans people without degrading women’s privacy and dignity, how to you teach about it without leading lesbian or gay or autistic or traumatised, troubled children, into dangerous waters? I don’t know yet – but I’m glad I’m in the Labour Party, because I can see plenty of signs that our party is going to do its best to understand it and sort it out.

party wepI am pleased to see that ReSisters United has published links to all of them, and other groups are following suit, along with a link to They Work for You so that people can sign the declaration that suits their politics, and can contact the MP or candidate they might want to talk to about it locally.

Take a look at the questions recommended by Women’s Place UK .


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