Are you still demanding better?

Unite community 'we can't afford to live' stall

Please don’t stop demanding better!

Whilst the mainstream news outlets think we’re really interested in watching the Conservative Party choose which member of the government that has been driving the cost-of-living crisis should be Prime Minister next…

…we are busy demanding better. Please don’t stop. I went down to Hastings Station today to talk to the train cleaners who were picketing there last month.

Gathering in support of the Churchill train cleaners at Hastings Station

Train cleaners

Group pic: Unite and HTUC join the RMT cleaners at Hastings Station to DEMAND BETTER
Click here to read ‘Train cleaners Deserve Better’

Churchill have not made an offer to the cleaners, and have taken very little part in discussions but soon, the workers will have to ballot again for their strike. Now here’s something I didn’t know – when a union has balloted their members for strike action, they are allowed six months before they have to ballot again – but their employers are not obliged to make an offer, or make any significant effort to negotiate a solution, within that six months. This really underlines to me how important it is that we keep turning up to support all the workers in the Demand Better campaign, keep talking, and keep writing about it. It’s the only way we’ll force the bosses to address the cost-of-living crisis.

Please keep Demanding Better!

Unite Community

After talking to the cleaners, I went down to the town centre, where local Unite Community members had cards ready for citizens to write to their MPs about the cost-of-living crisis.

Council leader Paul Barnett joins the Unite Community 'We can't afford to live' stall in Hastings
Hastings Council Leader and a local Labour Party officer supporting
Unite Community’s ‘We can’t afford to live’ campaign

What do you find you can’t afford, now? Most MPs really have no idea how the rising rents and bills are affecting people. Please write and tell them!

Keep Demanding Better!

See you on a Demand Better demo or picket line somewhere, soon.


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